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CIO Soiree

As an exclusive evening event, the CIO Soiree offers a selected group of CIOs, top IT decision-makers and CxOs, in addition to lectures and discussions, the perfect setting for an intensive exchange of experiences and networking.


The CIO Soiree is also available as an exclusive evening event in the formats CIO Soiree Live, CIO Soiree Hands-on and CIO Soiree Creative.

The CIO Soiree offers the partners the unique opportunity to discuss hot topics together with CIOs, top IT executives and CxOs, to develop ideas and work them out in workshops.


Approx. 12+ Participants

  • CIOs
  • Senior IT decision-makers
  • CxOs           


  • In the various soiree formats, you as a partner determine: in which type of content-related networking you prefer.
  • Together with us as an exclusive partner you design: the event topic and determine the target group.
  • The CIO magazine connects you with top IT decision-makers and gives your content-related agenda the appropriate, professionally neutral framework.
  • You enable your executives to network exclusively and participate on an equal footing.

We offer these soiree formats and variants

  • CIO Soiree

    Exclusive Networking

    Moderated discussion


  • CIO Soiree Hands-On

    Exclusive Workshops



  • CIO Soiree Live

    Implementation of the event with one of your reference customers

  • CIO Soiree Creative

    LEGO Serious Play methods and materials

    Goal: concrete recommendations for action for the next five years

Your contact person:

Maximilian Merle
Director Sales, Research & Events
Sabine Mayer-Beilfuss
Senior Key Account Manager
Karsten Linde
Director Sales Events

We would be happy to talk to you individually about the advantages of the respective formats for your very special situation and together we will develop a content-related timetable for your soiree!