Our events inspire!

In the course of the corona pandemic, we learned that previously purely physical events can be transformed into purely digital events - with all the associated advantages and disadvantages. We will continue to develop these digital event formats and once again hold the well-known on-site events for you - of course, with the option for you to also take part online.

Whether as face-to-face events or digitally: Today we organise more than 70 events a year with COMPUTERWOCHE, CIO magazine and ChannelPartner. We reach well over 3,000 CIOs, CSOs, CDOs, managing directors and technology decision-makers from all areas of the company. We always aim to inspire participants and industrial partners and to bring the right people together on the relevant IT topics of our time. 

Many of our formats have such a reputation on the market that we don't have to say much more about them: CIO of the year, Hamburg IT strategy days, System house congress. But our editorial teams are also particularly fond of the smaller discussion events, including the CIO soirees in various cities, Beyond or our workshops. And then there is also the opportunity to take part in our annual ski race or to be introduced to the world of mountaineering.

None of this would be possible without our industrial partners and sponsors. We invite you to continue to participate in this success story, to promote discussion and exchange and to get to know and understand your target group better!


Chief Editor Computerwoche and CIO Magazin


Chief Editor ChannelPartner