Our events captivate!

​We at IDG Germany can confirm that the often recited statement ‘pandemics accelerate the digital transformation’ is accurate. Due to the specific circumstances, all of the event formats we introduced over the years had to change into something novel – overnight. Granted, we did worry a bit at the beginning. However, now we are relieved everything worked out and is fun!


 Regardless of whether events are held face to face or online: Together with the Computerwoche, CIO Magazin, and ChannelPartner, we host over seventy events per year. This way, we reach over 3,000 CIOs, CDOs, Managing Directors, and technology decision-makers from all industries. Our goal is, at all times, to captivate our participants and industry partners, while connecting the right people on contemporary IT topics.


 Many of our formats speak for themselves: CIO des Jahres, Hamburger IT-Strategietage, Digital Leader Award, Systemhauskongress. Nevertheless, our editorial staff has also preserved their passion for smaller discussion events, like the CIO-Soirees held in various cities, Beyond, or our workshops. Plus, there is the opportunity to partake in our annual ski race or be introduced to the world of mountaineering.


 All this would be impossible without our industry partners and sponsors. We love to invite you to stay involved in our success story, promote discussion and exchange, and get to know your target group better!


Chief Editor Computerwoche and CIO Magazin

​Chief Editor ChannelPartner